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watching supernatural because omg you its becoming so great and painful and great and aaaaaaaw and destiel

Aber aber aber ich muss das doofe buch lesen..:S und dann noch 10 weitere :O  aber ich wiiiiiill niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicht, ich will supernatural gucken und sims spielen und schlafen und bääääähhhhhhh


footballloveslove hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: Ive spent like 80% of my weekend to make a birthday present for Cholena, and I totally ignored that tomorrow I have an english exam and on wednesday a french presentation…

omg tell me DDDDDDDD: i hate having to wait for something oooooomg and my birthday is like 2 month in the furture. okay a little less but still oooomg D: i have finished your christmas present this morning :D

You can also open it on christmas if you want :)

WHAT DO I GET? jfkdsaöfjasdkfjalöfjaksjföajföasjdfkasfödsjkfjsdö I’m still working on yours ^^